Tara Nanayakkara

High Tea at the Kingsbury

On the second day of our trip I wrote about the Vintage Tea Tour my daughter and I enjoyed in Dublin. As our time in Sri Lanka draws to a close, we find ourselves the delighted guests of my cousin and her family at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo for High Tea. As if patties and pastries, sandwiches and squares aren’t enough to transport you back in time, then the genteel piano stylings of days gone by will remind of you the elegance and ambience of an era that is long gone. High tea with all its tasty accoutrements presented buffet style is a reason to dress up, tbo sip demurely from china mugs and reconnect with loved ones not seen for decades. Living halfway across the world from each other limits how often we can meet. Today though it doesn’t matter. Our families are chatting, laughing, catching up as if time isn’t linear. The asparagus pinwheels are dainty works of art. The chicken and leek, nestled in a tart, the delicate cake squares and colourful macarons, would you like tea with that? Yes of course. We ARE at High Tea you know but hey, there’s a coffee pot on hand for those who want to partake of a mellow roast. It’s all there for the taking and appreciating, especially, when you enjoy it with those dear to you, and are pleasantly afforded the opportunity to entertain the patrons with your own stylings on the piano, as I was. High Tea at the Kingsbury? High five all the way.