Tara Nanayakkara

Pleasantly Sidetracked

So we had planned a trip to Galle but we were pleasantly sidetracked by two events that simply HAD to be experienced. After all what’s a vacation without experiences?

The first was supposed to involve a quick stop at beautiful Palm Beach Villa in Wadduwa, roughly an hours drive to Galle via the highway. The thing is if you commit to dropping by a mini resort, an ocean front property no less, you’re not exactly in a hurry to leave. First there is the accommodating staff who have laid out a 5 star spread of Sri Lankan breakfast eats. Egg hoppers anyone? Did I mention the sparkling pool surrounded by palm trees where you can work off all those calories with a hearty swim? Actually that’s not a bad idea considering the might of the Indian Ocean which happened to be very angry at the moment. The waves that lashed the beach side made me wonder if the great body of water is protesting what we are doing to the environment.

We might have lingered longer within the plush environs of Palm Beach Villa with its tasteful decor and welcoming ambience — An ideal place to recharge — but we had a lunch to attend in Kalutara, home to my fathers people. After lunch with the younger generation of relatives, my children witnessed an argument between monkeys and tasted cinnamon at the start as a young leaf to its journey as the familiar flavourful Ceylon cinnamon that is available in grocery stores the world over.

Now you wonder WHY we didn’t make it to Galle after all? I think not. If you’ll excuse me I need to reacquaint myself with a colonial moment in what was Ceylon history.; high tea at the Kingsbury. That’s another blog for another day.

One thought on “Pleasantly Sidetracked

  1. Barbara Wood

    Tara, what a magnificent account of your visit to your brother, Ranil Nanayarrara and his wife Valda’s mansion, ‘Palm Beach Villa’ ! To add to the 5 Star Breakfast, was a refreshing dip in the pool and the convenience of opening the gate on their property to the beautiful Wadduwa Beach to check out the mighty Indian Ocean in all its splendour! I hope your visit to Dubai will be as interesting as the one I experienced with your mother, Valda’s mother, Ranil, Valda and Nathan! These are the memories that keep me going now as I am aging, I can never stop thinking of my several visits to beautiful Palm Beach Billa and the shopping in Sri Lanka, the many relatives I met on both your mom’s and your ‘dad’s side and the awesome food! Enjoy the last phase of your vacation! Cheers!