Tara Nanayakkara

Through the Eyes of my Children

We arrived in Sri Lanka a day later than planned. This unexpected delay came about because one of the engines on the twin engine Emirates 777 was malfunctioning so the flight was cancelled wholesale. We spent a lovely time in a long line up while waiting to be placed in a hotel overnight— a hotel that they failed to mention was literally half way across Ireland. Here we were traversing the deep dark woods of Irish isolation while a bus load of us were carted to some God forsaken location in the depths of nowhere. That said the hotel they put us up in was quite grand. The dining room and garden was fit for a wedding. Incidentally a banquet hall had been set up ostensibly for that purpose.

Twelve hours after arriving at said hotel, we found ourselves bussed back to the airport, only to stand on another interminable lineup till finally we prepared to board. So exactly twenty four hours after we were supposed to arrive in Colombo we actually did. Then after all that, seeing my children’s enraptured faces as the plane touched down on their ancestral soil, I have the privilege of seeing my Amma land through their eyes and that to me was worth the frustration and delay of the previous day. This trip was a long time in the planning and now excuse me while we take in the sights, enjoy the food and shop till we drop.