Tara Nanayakkara

Vintage Tea & Me

My daughter and I love going out to tea, anywhere, anytime and apparently any country if it’s possible. We proved that today as we enjoyed a much anticipated afternoon tea, here in Dublin — on a bus. Vintage Tea Tours provides a full-on afternoon tea experience while you relax in comfortable booths, enjoying the sights of the city including the Presidents residence, Guinness Brewery and picturesque tree-lined laneways and side streets. All this while savouring warmed scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, a variety of elegant sandwiches and a collection of mini desserts that are sinfully good. Did I mention that we are even allowed to keep the souvenir tea mugs in which we were served?

Then later when we thought we’d had our last tourist moment for the day, we happened across a horse and buggy trotting down the street. Naturally we had to add to the vintage tone of the day by hopping aboard the carriage with husband and son in tow.

Now hours later after a relaxing dinner of bangers and mash and authentic Irish coffee, I’m ready for a nap. This travelling back in time to enjoy tea the way it used to be is pretty tiring especially when you consider we are about to travel halfway around the world. See you in Sri Lanka.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Tea & Me

  1. Judy Durant

    Enjoy your trip.Am enjoying your posts! I hope to go to Ireland next year! Stay safe and keep us all posted!