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Dublin Debut

My first day in a new country. Ireland — done. This, after a full day of strolling, exploring, shopping and eating some great food, including Irish style fish and chips and Victoria sponge cake. Wow, it’s a good thing I logged over 28,000 steps on my Fitbit today. Having said that, there are three interesting things I learned about Dublin today. The first being, this oceanside city is very cognizant of those of us who are visually challenged. Most if not all curbs are fronted by double yellow lines contrasting beautifully with the pavement. They serve as a warning that the gradient is about to change so you don’t have to stumble headlong into traffic and risk your life. The second thing I learned is that shop keepers in Dublin store their eggs at room temperature unlike those of us in Canada who keep ours in the fridge. The third fact of my day was discovering that when ordering a coffee, you don’t say the word coffee, ask for it black, double double or triple triple. You have to say Americano. Interesting. Who would have ever thought. As I inhale the damp chilly air, rivalled only by our St. John’s version of RDF, not to mention that amazing feed of fish and chips we enjoyed a few hours ago, I can look back on my Dublin debut as a great start to what I know will be an awesome vacation.

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