Tara Nanayakkara

Pizza and Pink Luggage

Pizza on the hill and pink suitcases, all in the name of vacation readiness. In fairness, the pizza on the hill is a day-before-travel tradition that has evolved over the past few years. The pink suitcases, not too traditional but very necessary. It’s been nineteen years since I had a full new suite of luggage. The frames on the old paisley printed ones have seen better days. Twisted and buckling in places you’d rather they weren’t . It isn’t a great idea to take them overseas or across the street for that matter, friends are amazed that my husband would be seen with pink luggage — in public no less— but he doesn’t care. His own suitcases is navy anyway. Okay all that packing and repacking is making me hungry. I’m looking forward to sitting in the car as we gaze out over Signal Hill with pizza and pop in hand. Might not be a sunset tonight but the city lights down below will cast a cozy glow as the mounting excitement of a trip long anticipated takes shape. As everyone knows the last minute planning and packing is half the fun.