Tara Nanayakkara

Season’s Rushings

We are barely two months into the fall and suddenly it’s Christmas. Am I alone in wondering where the season went? Until a few weeks ago, the trees were a festival of autumnal hues of gold and russet. As I sit in my office peering up at the startling blue sky outside the window, Christmas is the furthest thing from my mind. That said, I have put more than a subtle dent in my Christmas shopping because the titans of crass commercialism has deemed November the month of deals ranging from Black Friday wannabes to 20-40 % off your purchase. Who can resist a good deal? I can’t.

                Aside from making Christmas puddings and cakes that need to be baked weeks in advance – you’ve gotta let the brandy soak through rich fruit and nut mixture – I don’t do anything else Christmas related till after December first.

                It is very disconcerting to walk into any given store these days and be bombarded by Santa music and halls that are decked to the nines, the whole effect is lost by the time that Christmas really starts.

                Perhaps some schools of thought argue that by conjuring up the Christmas mood weeks in advance, people will have more ’time’ in December. That begs the question; time to do what? Half the fun of getting ready for the holidays is the genuine seasonal rush to buy that last minute gift, decorate the tree and make your Christmas plans, unless those plans include travel.  What is there to look forward to if everything is ‘done’ by the end of November?  

                The anticipation fizzles out by mid-December and before you can bid farewell to the old year, they’re bringing out the Valentines stock in stores. Seriously, is society trying to rush people to their graves? We hop from one commercially orchestrated event to another as if we’re overstuffed polar bears jumping from one ice floe to another, nervous that we too will miss the chance to overindulge and overspend like everyone else.    

                As I get older, I find that time is zipping by at warp speed. Wellness gurus love to tell us to slow down, enjoy the moment and meditate in gratitude for all we have. How do we do that when we are constantly reminded that Christmas is X number of weeks away and you have only so many shopping days to get at it. Magazines are full of tips on everything from how to create stunning centre pieces that will impress your guests to modernizing your home for the holidays with trendy pieces that are fresh off the showroom floor. The sad thing is what’s trendy today is passé by tomorrow so why jump through hoops to keep up with the fashion conscious who haven’t figured that out yet.

                Flyers mysteriously blossom into mini catalogues with inflated prices knocked back by a percentage or two to make you think you’re getting a major deal at a minor price adjustment

It’s all a mad rush. Every one of us on this planet is getting older by the second.  It’s hard enough to accept that time waits for no man but do we have to help it along by barreling down the highway of life like a crazed race car driver?

                That’s fine. I’ve had my rant.  After my workout this evening, I’ll chase the fall chill with a warm festive drink at a coffee shop and remind myself that Christmas is still more than a month away.