Tara Nanayakkara

Weather or Not

I love living in a country with four specific seasons.  Having said that, I don't think we here in Newfoundland actually subscribe to winter, spring, summer, fall in any particular order, if at all.  It seems we have more winter and less summer than our mainland counterparts. Then again, it's hard to say. On Christmas day it was actually warmer here than it was on Easter Sunday.  All that aside, when the calendar tells us that spring is approaching, there seems to be a mental shift.

At the first sign of a sun-splashed sky and balmy breeze, people feel the early stirrings of optimism warming their hearts.

The other day, I overheard the excitement in someone's voice because they heard that it would be ten degrees one day this week. It doesn't take much to get us worked up. Then again, human perception is fickle. That same ten degree reading elicited disgust when it happened last July. We are so conditioned by what a season should present to us that we don't know how to respond when global warming, natural disasters and man made climate change stir things up in our once orderly world.

So we don't get the seasons on time and we have more than our fair share of RDF, but then we don't get the tornadoes, typhoons and tropical storms that lash the coasts of other countries. We don't live on or close to dramatic fault lines. Our trees might not grow to the majestic heights of their mainland sisters but neither does our lawns develop that thirsty brown look that grass in other provinces get by the middle of July.  Our grass becomes lush and velvety and stays that stay right into our glorious fall.

Coming to think of it, our winter was so mild this year, so far- because you never know- when a gale off the North Atlantic and the hail of an impending storm could swoop down upon us and chase the fledgling birds from the barren trees.  Birds? Yes, that's right. The birds have been hanging around our trees seemingly throughout the winter. I guess even they found the Canadian dollar too weak to fly south. That has to be it; or maybe, just maybe they too find the winter mild this year.

The evenings are brighter and the air is lighter. There is a certain spiritual energy that comes with this time of year. Weather or not you believe it, spring is actually in the air.  Ask the birdies outside my daughter's window, they will tell you it is so.