Tara Nanayakkara

Inspector Gadget – Not!

The one positive of being visually impaired is that I have a great excuse to buy every imaginable chef's tool under the sun. My husband quakes every time he seems me approach an onion with a sharp knife. If he doesn't chop the onion himself, he'd rather see me use my green mini chopper to do the job. If there is a slicer, processor, hand blender, stand mixer or spice grinder to be had, guess who has it?

When I lived in Ontario during my first marriage, we had a nanny-housekeeper called June.  She'd study my array of gizmos and gadgets and shake her head in consternation.

"You girl, are Inspector Gadget," she'd state in her whimsical Guyanese accent.

I took a delicous delight in being the proud owner of some cool, color co-ordinated cooking paraphenlia.

I'm just as bad today.

The thing is, you can justify anything if you're creative enough.

Here's my take on my uh... need to have so many things in my kitchen.

I love cooking for other people, not just for myself. Actually if the truth were to be known, I wouldn't cook for myself if I were alone. It would be too much effort. Cooking for one would involve, making a family size portion of this or that, freezing it and having it every day till it ran out.. Then you do the same thing over again. Yes I know, mature practical adults do that kind of thing.  Nobody ever said I was mature or practical.

Yes but I digress.

As I said in previous blog posts, I get immense joy from cooking for others. I love cruising around the internet looking for the next best version of that casserole or this cake. But, in order for me to do justice to the myriad recipes I want to try, I need to have the right equipment on hand.

Okay, for some women it's makeup and jewelry that makes them happy and for others, it's shoes and handbags.

Oops, did I let that last part slip about the shoes and handbags? We'll discuss crass consumerism another day.

We'll remain in the kitchen for this blog. Now, I might not have the trendiest gourmet toys, like a raclette. What is that anyway?  I don't have panini press or a fondue pot... so Inspector Gadget...hmm, not.

I'm just someone who loves to have attractive gadgets to work with, because simply it's fun.

And now, about my pink stand mixer....