Tara Nanayakkara

A World of My Own Creation

I admit it.  I am completely lost - without my characters that is.

For the past few days I've been proof reading and copy-editing the manuscript for Dawning of a New Garden before sending it back to my publisher. Even my husband, ever supportive of all my professional endeavours, cast a critical eye over the document. He looked for everything from dangling participles to formatting issues. Then, only then, did he think it was "good to go."

Okay, so now it's gone. Now what?

I find myself sadly staring at the computer screen with my instrumental music playing in the background, waiting for the inspiration for my next novel to crystallize in my mind. That's usually how it works. A world of my own creation takes shape, replete with people, cities, weather and energy, lots of energy. What then happens is that the music I am hearing becomes part of the soundtrack to the story and the whole project develops into a movie in my mind. I then associate specific pieces with certain characters and I will rename them in my mind as "Suresh's Song" in the case of "Dawning of a New Garden" and "Jake's music" in Cardboard Dreams

Right now, at this very moment, I feel deserted by my characters. True, I'm supposed to be preparing the way for Patchwork Family and I have even played around with a few paragraphs, but it hasn't come together yet in my mind so how can it come together on paper?

And this is the time of year I like to write... well from September to June anyway. Somehow that internal school clock from childhood compels me to want to write during that nine month period. This is not to say that I wouldn't write in the summer. far from it.  If I'm in the middle of working on a novel and I'm completely wrapped up in the story, the season is a mere detail.  However, the season that I am trying to create in the book is ahem... a different story entirely.

I actually love going back through my work and editting and re-editing it because the experience allows me to keep recreating my own world over and over again. I click the same music on my iPod that I used for that particular set of characters and I am lost in the moment.

I can't wait to get that feeling back with the next novel. The sunny skies, impending storms, the scenery and landscape, the character traits, the humour, the solemnity, the reality of it all is comprised in a world of my own creation.