Tara Nanayakkara

They Can’t Put It Down!

It's early days since the first local shipment of Cardboard Dreams arrived.  Yet the local response has been nothing short of wonderful. I started with an initial run of books to be sold to friends and acquaintances in the community but in no time, it seemed I had to order more.  I was at church Sunday past and the aroma of coffee drifting through the parish hall and wafting right into MY pew was enough to drive me to distraction.

I was actually fantasizing about the freshly baked goods that would be waiting for all the parishioners as we filed out of the sanctuary at the close of the recessional hymn.  Then as I was gathering the copies of Cardboard Dreams that were threatening to spill out of my green and white "book" bag, my large print church bulletin and my handbag, a bevy of smiling ladies approached me.

"Do you have my copy of Cardboard Dreams?" This one and then that one asked.

"Yes, just a second." my pathetic attempt to keep it all together was an abysmal failure as papers, pens and books fluttered all around the pew and I beckoned to my two teenagers to "help with this, will you."

Too late. My daughter had already made a beeline for the food in the parish hall. My quiet son shyly stepped up to put books and bulletins to rights.

"Take your time dear. There's no rush," one of the ladies said.

I should have been used to this by now. With Cardboard Dreams being my third novel out, you'd think I could get this book signing thing down to an art form by now but some of us never learn.

Just as I started to pen comments and signatures for people, someone came up to me and said "Tara, that book was so good, I couldn't put it down."

I'm happy to say I've been getting a lot of that lately. Even at my husband's office, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  One coworker actually told him that if anything happened to Jake, she wouldn't be able to take it. Who's Jake? and what happens to him? You'll just have to get your copy of cardboard Dreams and find out.

Now about that coffee hour, I hope my daughter saved a scone for two for me. Even writers like to socialize by the food table.